To shield the most vulnerable refugees.


In March 2016 Europe signed the new agreement to close the borders and stop the immense exodus into Greece from Syria and Afghanistan. All refugees are held in Turkey. Immediately, over 60.000 people got stuck between Turkey and Macedonia. Half of them are children. We are especially concerned about them, the single mothers and pregnant women.
Pregnant woman in tent

House of Peace.

House of Peace is a beautiful house in the centre of Athens. The house has 10 rooms and gives shelter to single mothers with children and pregnant women. Our donations enable us to provide a Safe Haven for these people: to be together, and most of all be safe together.

Mother feeding her child


On this project we cooperate with Salam Aldeen from NGO Team Humanity and Megan Tucker from Charity United. Our main goals are to improve the house, to create a school for the children and to organize workshops for the mothers.

Happy to be cleaning an house

What we need.

We need the very basics: electricity, heating systems, kitchen supplies, food, clothing, towels, sheets and nappies.


Our solution:

We offer you the possibility to ‘book’ a room at our house for 10 euros per night. That money will go directly to the house. By ‘booking’ a room your 10 euros will provide everything one family needs for a day. Together we can keep the house fully booked and make sure the families there will be safe and warm every night.


Children attending class

How to donate

" Project Safe Haven - NL37TRIO0338536647 - BIC TRIONL2U by Triodos Bank "